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Captain Segull's Nautical Sportfishing Charts

Captain Segull’s Charts are designed for the serious sport fisherman. They show you fishing spots that will help you catch fish. All charts are laminated, waterproof and in full color. Average Large chart size is 19″ X 26″, small boat/kayak charts 12″ x 18″. Charts highlight: latitude and longitude (GPS), Loran lines, contour lines, shore services such as fuel docks, loading ramps, kayak launches, pump-out stations and restaurants. Also highlighted are fishing holes with local names, coordinates of buoys, inlets, reefs, rigs and wrecks.

If you want to know where to catch fish, get your own Captain Segull’s Sport Fishing Chart. We have offshore charts, inshore charts, nearshore charts, bathymetric charts (color contoured by depth), species identification charts, and small boat/kayak charts. Please click on charts to find charts in your geographic location. The charts are have the most fishing locations of every app or GPS unit out on the market.


Simply – the best in the business – from our C8.7s to our C18 and our generator on our 60′ Ritchie – nothing better than CAT Power – except for CAT Service and their warranty – can’t think of any engine we’d rather have.


Simrad Yachting’s history is one of entrepreneurs and pioneers in technology who, through hard work, dedication and technical excellence, created and shaped one of the world’s largest and most respected marine electronics groups. Simrad Yachting today is the result of the union of a number of companies that in their time were ground-breakers in their areas of technology. Names such as Robertson, Simonsen Radio and Shipmate were all recognised as the foremost names in their fields in their time, and their legacies live on in Simrad Yachting to this day.


Reliability. Performance. Innovation. It all starts right here. And that’s exactly why so many boaters won’t trust anything but a Yamaha out on the water. Yamaha Outboards has proudly operated in the U.S. market for nearly 30 years. In that time, our engineers have become known for their relentless pursuit of a more satisfying boating and ownership experience for customers. As a result, Yamaha Outboards have become synonymous with innovation, performance and legendary reliability.


OceanLED is the premier brand of underwater marine LED lighting in the world. We are committed to manufacturing energy efficient lighting products while offering the broadest selection of fixtures for leisure, sport fishing and superyacht markets. OceanLED specializes in the development and production of high-quality marine underwater LED lighting and accessories suitable for all styles of boats. Today, we continue to combine technology and innovative design to create underwater products of unmatched quality, style and performance.​When Captain Mike is not pursuing pelagics throughout the summer months, he is teaching English at Asbury Park High School. This gives him an advantage when speaking at our seminars and events. His natural comfort speaking to people has allowed him to share his knowledge and translate it in terms so fishermen of all skill levels can learn from him. He has been a perennial Canyon Runner speaker covering a variety of topics about pursuing tuna from trolling to chunking to rigging baits. Captain Mike loves to share what he has learned and enjoys seeing others use the techniques he has taught them.

Atlantis Propeller

Atlantis Propeller utilizes Prop Scan® technology to achieve the most accurate results available! We are equipped to recondition practically any propeller to Class 1 ISO Tolerances. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Nibral – Inboard, Outboard, I/O, Sail, IPS and ZEUS! Your boat requires an efficient propeller for optimized performance. Prop Scan® is a state of the art computerized propeller inspection system which enables propellers to be repaired, remanufactured or modified to very high levels of accuracy. Don’t settle for “Old World” technology.


DEEP was founded from a desperate need of a clothing company that allowed us to wear the same outfit from the boat to the bar. Some options were too formal and showed every little stain from a day of offshore fishing. Other options seemed lumpy and laden with heavy graphics. Others looked like the whole rainbow threw up on a piece of fabric. Mostly a lot of the shirts we found to retain odor and stains that never rid itself even after repeated washing. And after we washed them so often we found that they shrunk! Ultimately, there wasn’t anything out there that reflected US. It was a no win. We weren’t alone. Therefore our founders set out to change it. By combining the sizings, style and logo placements observed in the surf/skate market and the technical aspects and function of the outdoors market we stumbled upon a product that looked authentic and felt comfortable. We stuck with clean designs that incorporated a focus on a solid color along side one version of our various logos. We purposely select pieces that not only stand up to repeated wear but are pre-shrunk and also have the comfort and fit to add a stylish confidence to the person wearing it. DEEP is meant for the individual that prides themselves on looking good and feeling good while doing what they love: spending time on the water at the beach and following it all up with cold beer at the bar…or two.

Live Your Obsession has become our mantra. Our clothing will always aim to serve that.

Penn Tackle

When it comes to catching the world’s biggest fish, nobody shines like PENN. PENN Tackle was used in over 1,200 current all-tackle and line-class IGFA records – more than any other reel manufacturer. Together, we’ll continue to catch record fish well into the future.
Live Your Obsession has become our mantra. Our clothing will always aim to serve that.


Over the years, the tournament has grown to be one of the top events in the sport. Known for its great fishing, hospitality and camaraderie, the MidAtlantic is a must attend event for competitive billfishing anglers. The fishing and fun take place out of two ports: Cape May, NJ, which is the home base of the event and Ocean City, MD, where Sunset Marina serves as OC tournament headquarters. Each port has first class accom¬modations and offers distinct amenities for participants to enjoy. Both locations have full weigh-ins which are visually linked by computer and broadcast media to keep everyone informed as the excitement happens. If you’re planning on doing some competitive fishing this year, we hope you’ll choose the MidAtlantic. We believe it’s the best bang for your tour¬nament buck, and we know your family, friends and crew will have a great time creating exciting and lasting memories. If you need help in planning for this event simply give us a call and we’ll do whatever we can to help you have a fun, hassle-free time at one of the best events in the world!


Pompanette is a leading manufacturer of equipment for pleasure boats, mega yachts, sport fishing boats, sail boats, and commercial vessels. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in Tampa, FL and Charlestown, NH. Our products set the standard for the most discriminating boat manufacturers, and are the top choice of boaters all over the world.

Deep Sea Outfitters

Deep Sea Outfitters has been involved with the communications industry for over 15 years and we understand the important role communications have in offshore fishing trips.

Jersey Marine

Jersey Marine is focused on selling quality pre-owned yachts and fishing boats. We have a fresh new outlook and attitude with 25 years plus in the boating industry. Jersey Marine’s past success was with the counttys’ only Henriques Yachts Dealer/Distributor since 1996 as well as the Mid-Atlantic Post Dealer, Mid-Atlantic Bertram Dealer, Tiara, Dawson, & Jersey Yachts. We also have a wide variety of knowledge with other great Yacht/Boat Manufacturers through out the country. Jersey Marine is committed to selling your boat today and finding your boat for tomorrow!!!

Tony Maja Products

Stainless Steel Bunker Spoons – Can be trolled with wire, braid, mono and even on down riggers. Tony Maja spoons are ready to use right out of the package. They have been designed for maximum success. The spoons are made of extra heavy gauge stainless steel which makes them work at a greater depth with less wire or line and with only one keel. The action of the spoons have been designed to swim subtler than other spoons and the 9/0 stainless bucktail hook gives them a more life-like swimming action, which increases the hook up ratio with virtually no foul hook-ups.

Viking Life

During the late 50’s, a group of local businessmen from Esbjerg decided to start the production of liferafts and take over the stock of a liquidated company. The initiator was Tage Sørensen, at the time the Managing Director of another maritime company, and until then President of the VIKING board of directors. On 1st February 1960, A/S Nordisk Gummibådsfabrik was founded in very humble premises at the port of Esbjerg. Much has happened since then. From its beginning as a small company of 8 employees with Managing Director Jens-Oluf Bjerre-Madsen at the helm for more than 30 years, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has become an international company with 20 subsidiaries and a global network of approx. 270 VIKING authorized servicing stations strategically situated to offer optimal service to international customers. The sun never sets on VIKING.

Offshore Satellite Services

Offshore Satellite Services, Inc. was the first private company to offer ocean temperature fishing charts for locating bait and pelagic gamefish. We started developing the methodology for creating fishing charts from satellite data in 1984 offering crude low resolution charts. We advanced the science and our chart quality in 1988 with the development of our own custom chart software that is compatible with NOAA satellites, and have lead the field with continued advancements ever since. Other services have come into being since then, but none offer the resolution or detail available on Offshore Satellite Services charts, nor do they offer the in-depth evaluation and forecasting accuracy that can be obtained from our satellite imagery.

BHP Tackle

BHP Tackle manufactures an entire range of wind-on leaders and topshots suited to all types of offshore bluewater angling. From cable wind-ons for shark fishing, swordfish wind-ons with built-in rigging loops, to multi-length monofilament and fluorocarbon topshots for cutting edge long-range anglers, you’ll find the right wind-on or topshot for your type of fishing at BHP Tackle.
Hand-made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality spectra and monofilament available, and featuring the most compact and reliable serves on the market, our leaders have proven themselves on big fish all over the world.

If you have any questions about the products and how to use them, or want to special order custom leaders or other rigging requirements to your specs, please don’t hesitate to write or call. Even if it’s just to talk fishing!

Recreational Fishing Alliance

As a salt water angler, you probably get as frustrated as we do when the federal government the state legislatures and even the courts impose unreasonable restrictions on your ability to enjoy recreational fishing. Until recently, recreational anglers could not get a fair hearing. But, now we have an organization that can fight back! RFA Members already have a lot to celebrate over. Our membership is growing stronger every day and, as our membership grows, so does the political clout. As individuals, our complaints will simply not be heard, but as a united group, we can and do stand up to anyone who threatens the sport we enjoy so much – fishing! I hope you will take a moment to read through our website and learn more about what you can do to help save our fish and protect our rights as recreational anglers. Enjoy your stay at JOINRFA.ORG, James A. Donofrio Executive Director, Recreational Fishing Alliance The Recreational Fishing Alliance is a national, grassroots.

Fishermen's Supply Co.

Like no other Tackle Shop The Fishermen’s Supply company has a wide array of products for all inshore surf, shore & boat fishermen, as well as commercial quality gear for offshore game fishing. By having many “hard to find” products available, you will find the very best of a bait & tackle store, combined with the very best of a Marine outlet specializing in fishing. If you have never been to the Fishermen’s Supply Co, then make it a point to stop in and take a look at all they have to offer.


Sea Safety International, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of Marine Safety Products and Comprehensive Service Inspection of Life Rafts, Fire Fighting Equipment, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA) and Portable Gas Monitors. Our professional staff and large inventory of manufacturer’s spare parts help ensure timely service and supply in order to meet your vessels’ full tilt schedules.


Globalstar Satellite Phones provide all Offshore Canyon Fishermen with the best communications tool for life or death emergencies, business decisions and exchanging Fish Secrets…………. SAT PHONES have never been so affordable……….. Call Today (631)957-1196 and receive your Globalstar Satellite Phone Tomorrow…..Mention the Canyon Runner Website for a Special Discount.

Hydro Glow Fishing Lights

Darrell Keith, founder and president of Hydro Glow Fishing Lights, Dawsonville, Georgia. Darrell, an avid scuba diver as well as angler, designed his 12 vdc low amperage florescents to produce a green glow similar to that emitted by chemical light sticks in widespread use by divers to lure fish. Not only do our lights draw baitfish, they draw fresh- and saltwater fish as well. In fact, the first swordfish ever taken by fly and fly rod came in the green light of a Hydro Glow off Florida’s coast. Hydro Glow is proud to sponsor many fishing events across the U.S., as well as the Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series. We invite you to take a moment to browse our site and hope you enjoy your visit. We feel we build the best bait and fish attracting light in the industry and we stand behind them with one of the best warranties.

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