Want to Join The Team or Just Learn More???

Thank you so much for your interest in our Coaching and Intel Service & our Virtual Captain System!

Before we talk and get to cost – please understand that there is so much with the Membership that it usually takes about 30-40 minutes on a call to really understand what it’s all about.

But in short – it’s a yearlong in depth and detailed Coaching, Concierge and Intel Service with the ability to text, email or call me or one of our Captains at any time day or night with any questions whatsoever.

It also comes FREE with a virtual captain, weather, water temp, enhanced safety & warning system! This system gives all of us – Members & Pro-Staff – the ability to track each and every Member & Pro-Staff in real time on one page/one website. (It is optional you don’t need to let others track you if you wish to stay anonymous – but most people to opt in) In addition to the boat tracking system – on the same website – we have a water temperature chart system, Multiple Paid Weather Services, AIS tracking system in real time of the Longline and Dragger Fleet, a weather warning & avoidance system, an engine warning system, a fleet monitor system, a boat monitoring system and a fishing log database – all in one.

But mostly – and where most people really feel the value is – it’s a Service that effectively signs us on as your virtual captain on every single trip by working with you for a couple days planning the trip right up until the minute you depart and then, most importantly, working directly with you the entire time you are offshore via a SAT texting device every minute of your trip – as often as you need.

We focus equally on midshore/inshore tuna/mahi verses canyon (with perhaps even slightly more focus on Mid-shore) as our average member has a 32’ center console and fishes for tuna 5 times a year with 4 of those trips inshore/mid-shore tuna trips.

We have 15 Pro-Staff comprised of the best charter and private boats & captains from OBX, OCMD, NJ, Long Island, Nantucket and New England.

We also focus in inshore species like bottom/bass/fluke etc. for all regions particularly when the tuna fishing is not what it should be.

Again – need a lot of time on the phone to really understand just how much you get out of this – but cost wise it’s usually $1500 – $2200 depending on your situation (type of boat, where you fish out of, how often you fish and what type of fishing you usually do) it would be less for example if you are in NC, VA, or far to the east maybe closer to $1500-1750 or even less if you never do canyon trips and just fish mid-shore or inshore grounds or if you only go 3 or 4 times a year.

Finally, we do offer payment plans where you could put down a small deposit and pay over time.

To sign up or more info: Call at 732-272-4445

Email:  [email protected]

Hope You Join The Team!

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