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Captain Deane Lambros

Fishing from a young age before he could even walk. Deane spent his time pursuing Inshore species till he made his first offshore canyon trip and has been addicted ever since. Ever since that day he has become obsessed with chasing offshore large pelagic species - joining the Canyon Runner Team in the Winter of 2009.

He earned his captains license at the age of 20 in the spring of 2010 and from 2010 to 2013 he fill the seat of 2nd Captain/1st Mate and filling in as captain when ever the opportunity arose.  In the spring of 2013 he took over as full time captain of the 48 Canyon Runner running charters and commercial fishing.  Deane stays busy fishing the local New Jersey canyons all of summer long and travels to Cape cod in the fall for the Giant Bluefin tuna. He spends his winters fishing for bluefin tuna commercially North Carolina on the 48' Canyon Runner and South Florida running the Canyon Runner Ritchie Howell 60'. 
Additionally, Deane has been an integral part of the our team coordinating and supervising all yard work done on both of the Canyon Runner boats. Deane has also penned several articles in various fishing publications and continues to speak at seminars on offshore fishing. In recent years Deane has been a very successful on the tournament scene both in the cockpit and on the Helm. Doing all of the while being under thirty.
Some of his Recent Tournament Wins Include:

2014 MA500 Heaviest Wahoo Cape May and Daily Dolphin
2015 MA 500 2nd Heaviest Tuna
2015 1stPlace Tuna Manasquan River Club Tournament
2016 1st Place Tuna Manasquan River Club Tournament
2016 2nd Place Tuna Manasquan River Club Tournament
2016 1st Place Tuna Stringer Manasquan River Club Tournament
2016 1st Place Overall Stringer Manasquan River Club Tournament
2017 MA 3rd Place Tuna Small Boat Calcutta
2017 3rd Place Tuna Manasquan River Club Tournament
2017 1st Tuna Stringer Manasquan River Club Tournament
2019  Montauk Canyon Challenge Heaviest Yellowfin
2019  Montauk Canyon Challenge 1st Place Trifecta Calcutta
2020 Mid-Atlantic 1st Place Heaviest Wahoo

2011 Heaviest Wahoo Manasquan River Club Tournament
2012 WMO 2nd Place Tuna/Heaviest Wahoo
2013 MA500 1st Heaviest Tuna

Captain James Krauszer

Captain Jimmy Krauszer’s fishing experiences have taken him to waters near and far, from the shores along the east coast to the Great Barrier Reef. His passion for fishing started at a young age and he immediately began a career working for some of the most prominent boats on the Manasquan River.

Over the past decade Captain Jimmy has fished up and down the US East Coast, Nova Scotia, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Australia.  In between travels Capt. Jimmy would jump on board and assist the Canyon Runner Team over the past few years. Through his travels, Captain Jimmy has amassed various fishing styles and techniques and now brings those unique skill sets on a full time basis to the helm of the Canyon Runner and our guests.

Always chasing the thrill of the catch, Captain Jimmy approaches each trip with focus on getting the bite paired with emphasis on teamwork which ensures his guests and anglers always have a safe enjoyable trip. In the off-season, you can find Captain Jimmy pursuing any and all opportunities to stay on the water and continue to fish, including fishing tournaments, and boat deliveries along the east coast, and beyond. When he’s not on the water, Jimmy pursues his second favorite sport after fishing. As an avid hunter who enjoys hunting locally and afar as much as possible he is always seeking out new opportunities to enjoy the outdoors

Captain Phil Dulanie

Captured 2 Giant Tuna Over 1000 pounds in One Day 12 Stripers Over 50 pounds and 3 Over 60 Pounds to His Credit.

Captain Phil Dulanie has been a U.S. Coast Guard certified Captain since 1971. Growing up in Belmar, NJ, Capt. Dulanie has been fishing the waters off the New Jersey coast for 50-years and guiding charters for the past 34-years. Besides winning or placing in countless tournament, Captain Dulanie has captured over 10,000 tuna, 30,000 Striped Bass, dozens of Blue and hundreds of White Marlin over the years.

Early in his fishing career, Captain Dulanie fished from his fathers boat mainly for Striped Bass in Raritan Bay, Ambrose Channel and the Shrewsbury Rocks. During those early years several monster Stripers were brought to the boat and Captain Dulanie has 3 Striped Bass over 60-pounds and a dozen over 50-pounds to his credit.

Captain Dulanie began his chartering career working on, and eventually running, several charter boats out of Belmar, NJ. During the early stages of his career Captain Dulanie racked up impressive catches in the canyons during the late 1970s and even more impressive catches of Giant Bluefin Tuna in the Mudhole during the lates 1970s and early 1980s. Amongst such catches included the capture of two 1000-pound Giant Tuna in one day.

By the mid-1980s, in addition to his duties as a full time captain, Captain Dulanie was active in the building of Runaway Boats. Runaway Boats became some of the most recognized vessels on the Giant Tuna fishing grounds.

By the 1990s Captain Dulanie was the full time captain of the Canyon Runner and in his position has helped mold the Canyon Runner into one of the premier charter boats on the East Coast and a top producer of tuna and marlin every time the Canyon Runner heads to the continental shelf. Captain Dulanie's career on the Canyon Runner thus far is perhaps highlighted by his placing in the money at the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Tournament in the first time the Canyon Runner has fished that world class event.

Partnering in the purchase of the most recent Canyon Runner, a 48' Viking Yacht, Captain Dulanie now runs 150+ charters a year including 50-60 canyon runs which include an amazing 100 days on the continental shelf. In the 8 years Captain Dulanie has owned and operated the current Canyon Runner, he has run 400 canyon trips. During which, his charters have captured over 5000 tuna, 20 Bl
ue Marlin and dozens of White Marlin.


Captain Mike Zajac

Captain Mike Zajac began his offshore career on the Canyon Runner back in 1997. Twenty years later his passion for offshore fishing has only grown stronger.  He has been a member of various tournament winning teams in addition to catching thousands of tuna over his tenure with the Canyon Runner. Capt. Mike has worked with each of the Captains who have fished with the Canyon Runner over the years and has taken something from each of them and continues to learn every time he goes to the edge. “What people need to realize is the Captains and mates on these boats want to catch fish more than anyone else. While we understand fishing, it is our desire that separates us from the others.”  Captain Mike also prides himself on making sure the charters come away with a positive experience. “Our number one goal is to provide an everlasting experience for our customers. For some it may be catching a Bigeye, for others it may be hooking into a Marlin. Either way, we want our customers to walk away remembering their experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success.” Captain Mike is one of the mainstays of the Canyon Runner Team. He brings the sense of comradery to the team and a sense of humor to keep everyone relaxed.

​When Captain Mike is not pursuing pelagics throughout the summer months, he is teaching English at Asbury Park High School.  This gives him an advantage when speaking at our seminars and events. His natural comfort speaking to people has allowed him to share his knowledge and translate it in terms so fishermen of all skill levels can learn from him. He has been a perennial Canyon Runner speaker covering a variety of topics about pursuing tuna from trolling to chunking to rigging baits. Captain Mike loves to share what he has learned and enjoys seeing others use the techniques he has taught them.

Watch Mike's recent podcast:

032: Capt. Mike Zajac - "The Entertainer" | SeaBros Fishing Podcast - Fishing Stories, Tactics, and Interviews from Top Captains, Mates, and Outdoorsmen from Across the World | Podcasts on Audible |

Captain Craig Angelini

Captain Craig Angelini has been avidly fishing offshore for over 30 yrs. He holds a 50 GT Master’s license and a BS in Biology with graduate credits in Environmental Science. In addition to working full time during the summer (and part of the early fall and late spring) in the fishing industry, Craig teaches high school biology and environmental science at Cinnaminson High School, serves as the head varsity boys’ lacrosse coach, and serves as the Biology Advisor for a think tank that develops models analyzing chronic disorders.

Having grown up in a family that has fished and hunted for generations, Craig became absolutely obsessed with both early in life. Although he has fished all over the country and many locations around the world, he primarily fishes off the coast of New Jersey. Due to his experience and passion combined with his educational background, Craig is a student of the ocean. His natural instincts, combined with an openness to learning anything new, has led to his success on the water. His professional accomplishments include numerous top 3 tournament victories , fishing publications, television series, and seminar content development and presentations.

Craig truly understands the team dynamics of big game fishing, and has worked with some of the most reputable boats in the business prior to joining the Canyon Runner team in 2012. His love and appreciation of the sport are contagious, and his work ethic is second to none. contagious, and his work ethic is second to none.

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