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More Fish - Less Money - Any Questions????



110+ Tournament Wins & Over $10,000,000 In Winnings –2012-2022 For Our Members With Our Information – The Results Speaks for Themselves - You Can't Afford Not to Join!



10 of the Top Boats from North Carolina to Cape Cod - and anywhere in between - Provide Real-Time Intel 24/7/365 


Cape May to Virginia Beach - Capt. Mark Hoos - "Marli" & Capt. Sean Welsh & Capt. Chris Huk - "Restless Lady" Fleet & Multiple Other Top Charter Boats - OCMD 

New Jersey - Capt. Freddie Gamboa "Andrea's Toy" - & Capt. Jeff "Wolfpack" Warford 

Virginia/Oregon Inlet - Capt. Greg Mayer "Fishing Frenzy" & Capt. Peter Doran "Capt. B.C" 

Coverage Everywhere by the Canyon Runner Crew and our 250+ Members from Cape Cod to North Carolina 

What does the Membership Provide????????.........So Much We Need 30-40 Minutes on a Call to Cover It All......In Summary......This is What You'll Get....... 

The Benefits of Membership

  1. Canyon Runner Captains Become Your Virtual Co-Captain – Both Before Departure and in Real Time Every Minute While Offshore Using SAT Texting Device!
  2. NEW in 2023 – Inshore Fishing Reports, Intel & Assistance As Well!
  3. Access to Multiple FREE Member Only Trips on the Canyon Runner!
  4. Average Member Owns a 34’ Center Console & Fishes Mid-Shore & Inshore 70% of Their Trips so Major Focus on Mid-Shore & Inshore Intel!
  5. Several CR Pro-Staff Available to Fish on Your Boat!
  6. Multiple FREE Member’s Only Virtual Seminars All Year Long!
  7. Weekly In-Season Member’s Only Zoom Calls on Intel, Strategy, Planning & Weather!
  8. Member’s Only VHF Channel!
  9. Ability via Text to Stay in Constant Contact with Entire Team While Offshore!
  10. Members to Communicate w/Each Other & Coordinate Intel Fishing Teams Before Trips!
  11. Private Facebook Forum - Members and Pro-Staff to Communicate & Share Intel/Info!
  12. 60+  Hour Long Training Videos - Every Possible Topic & 600+ Pages of PowerPoint Slides!
  13. Discounts w/Multiple Preferred Vendors – Fuel, Bait, Tackle, Electronics & More!
  14. Dozens of 5-10 Minute How-To Rigging Videos!
  15. Dozens of Additional Pro-Staff Up & Down the Coast for More Local Intel!
  16. Monthly Prizes for Reports, Sharing Intel & Top Catches!
  17. Feature for Members to Fish on Each Other's Boats!
  18. 24/7/365 Access to Our Team Captains Available via Phone, Text, Email All Year Long!
  19. GPS tracking of location, speed and heading of multiple top boats out of OC, MD, NJ & NY – all day, every day as if you are looking at their chartploter – plus historical data!
  20. Multiple Real Time Reports Via Email, Text and Facebook Ever Single Day of the Season!
  21. Free Access to Multiple Weather Updates and Monitoring!
  22. Unlimited Access to Major Water Temperature Chart Service!
  23. Canyon Runner APP so All of the Above is At Your Fingertips!


It’s a yearlong in depth and detailed Coaching, Concierge and Intel Service with the ability to text, email or call anyone at Canyon Runner at any time day or night with any questions whatsoever. 

But mostly – and where most people really feel the value is – it’s a Service that effectively signs us on as your virtual co-Captain on every single trip with direct contact with a dozen Pro-Staff on top boats up and down the coast and 250+ other Members while Offshore.

By working with you for a couple days planning the trip right up until the minute you depart and then, most importantly, working directly with you the entire time you are offshore via a SAT texting device every minute of your trip – as often as you need - you will have the best season of your life. 

We focus equally on midshore/inshore tuna/mahi verses canyon (with perhaps even slightly more focus on Mid-shore) as our average member has a 32’ center console and fishes for tuna 6 times a year with 5 of those trips inshore/mid-shore tuna trips.  

We also focus in inshore species like bottom/bass/fluke etc. for all regions particularly when the tuna fishing is not what it should be.  


Real Time Tracking of Our Top Boats 

"Marli", "Fishin' Frenzy", "Restless Lady", "Canyon Runner", "Wolfpack", "Andrea's Toy" & "Gotta Go" 

This is Just a Summary of a Few Trips in one month for the Canyon Runner - each dot is GPS location, speed and heading.



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