Canyon Runner Coaching Services


110+ Tournament Wins & Over $8,000,000 In Winnings –2012-2021 For Our Members With Our Information – The Results Speaks for Themselves - You Can't Afford Not to Join!


#1 Benefit - Track the Canyon Runner out of NY/NJ - Track the "Gotta Go" out of Montauk in the Summer and Oregon Inlet in the Winter/Spring and Track the "Restless Lady" out of Ocean City, MD and Multiple Other Professional Boats in Real Time from Your Phone or Computer

Example Below of Boat Tracking Technology - It's All in Real Time and ​Each Dot Below is an exact GPS number with date, time, speed, heading - this was just one month of trips on the Canyon Runner both Mid-shore Tuna and Canyon.

***Coverage From Cape May to Norfolk by Capt. Sean Welsh & Restless Lady Crew and 50 Member Boats*** 
***Coverage From Long Island and East by In The Bite Young Gun Capt. Mark DeCabia & Team Rebel and 50+ Member Boats***
***Coverage by Canyon Runner & And our All Our Members Everywhere***

Track All These Boats Every Minutes of Every Day All Summer Long with GPS Tracking System & SAT Texting!

Highlights for 2022

  • Canyon Runner Captains Become Your Virtual Co-Captain – Coordinating Every Aspect of Your Trip Both Before Departure and in Real Time Every Minute While Offshore Using SAT Texting Device
  • Ability for all Team Members to Coordinate “Buddy Boat” Fishing Teams While Offshore
  • Our Average Member owns a 34’ Center Console & Fishes Mid-Shore and Inshore 90% of their trips – As such This is a Major Focus of Ours
  • Access to Multiple Free Member Only Trips on the Canyon Runner
  • Facebook Fishing Forum for all Team Members to Contribute Info – Communicate – Share Intel
  • 24/7/365 Direct and Personal Access to Our Coaching Team Captains
  • Canyon Runner Captain’s Deane Lambros and Craig Angelini Available to Fish on Your Boat
  • Unlimited Free Access to Major Water Temperature Chart Service
  • Free Access to Multiple Weather Updates and Monitoring
  • 60+ Training Videos and 600+ Pages of Slides on Every Possible Topic
  • MEMBERS ONLY FREE VIRTUAL SEMINARS – All Winter and Spring – Virtual, Live, Interactive and for Members Only
  • Multiple Real Time Reports Via Email, Text and Fishing Forum Every Single Day of the Season
  • Canyon Runner APP so All of the Above is At Your Finger Tips



17 Years of Coaching Services with Hundreds of Positive Reviews - Here are Just a Few……………… 

  • The best season we’ve had since starting to run offshore a decade ago….R. C. 
  • Out-fished all the other boats in our marina on virtually every trip….in only our third year fishing the canyons….S. L. 
  • Love how focused you folks are in inshore and mid-shore tuna – didn’t realize how much of that fishing you and all the Members do……….R.A. 
  • Being able to track in real time one of the top charter boats out of Ocean City, MD is invaluable…K. M. 
  • Saved three times the cost of the service in fuel burn by running to the bite instead of searching all day long……J. P. 
  • Don’t understand how the Canyon Runner Team is available 24/7 to respond to calls, emails, text to answer any question I have….E. K. 
  • Never felt more comfortable offshore in the last 8 years knowing that the Canyon Runner captains and crew were there on the other end of the line if we had and problems, questions or concerns…..E. D. 
  • First year fishing offshore for tuna and out fished my brother who’s been tuna fishing for the last 5 years….C. L. 
  • Caught 3 times as many fish in our first year in the Service than in any previous season ever…..C. K. 
  • Never would have gone offshore this much if not for the comfort level we felt from all the input and education received as part of the membership……J. J. 
  • Learned more in 2 months in the Membership than I did in the last 5 years fishing offshore…..D. W. 
  • Your ability to read and predict the weather plus give us real time condition reports is worth the cost of the service in itself……A. T. 
  • Having one of the Canyon Runner Captains fish on our boat last week was the greatest learning experience we’ve ever had……..G. L. 
  • Fished all day without a bite until reached out to CR and they put me on the meat within the hour and saved the trip – not once or twice but no less than 3 separate times last year……….T. P. 
  • Season of a lifetime…....M. S. 
  • Member for life – thank you for putting me and my son into fish on virtually every trip…..F. R.

Membership gives you exact knowledge to what is going on up and down the edge, as it is going on, where it is going on, every single day of the season from Hydro to Norfolk Canyons and all waters in between. These are not rumors you hear on the dock, tackle shops or the internet that are days old and never 100% accurate. This is exactly what is going on as it is going on. Not only will you be able to find out exactly where our boats are as you are leaving the dock, you’ll be able work with us while offshore every minute of your trip. Exact location, exact lures and bait, exact times of day the bite turned on, exact trolling pattern, speed, water temperature –everything you need to succeed.

As a Member of our Fishing Report Service you will be put right on the bite - every time you leave the dock - with real time reports 24-hours a day. Our Team runs every single day from Hydro to Norfolk Canyons so our info is always available and always real time. 

As a Member you'll receive daily emails providing updates on the fishing but more importantly constant educational information pertinent to what is going on on the edge at that time.  Videos, powerpoint presentations, articles - whatever it takes to help you get to the next lever. 

Again for 2022 we will be assisted by the Restless Lady out of Ocean City, MD and install GPS tracking on their boat to give us even better coverage from the Wilmington to Norfolk Canyons and Capt. Mark DeCabia of Team Rebel & 2018 In the Bite - Young Gun Captain out of Shinnecock for the best coverage from Block to Hydrographers Canyon and Beyond.

The cost of this information is slightly more than the cost of fuel for one overnight canyon trip - paid back in full on your first trip when you go exactly where the fish are instead of spending half your trip looking. If you run 6 trips a season the service is less than the cost of bait on each trip.

To sign up or for more info please give me a call at 732-272-4445 or email us at

Hope You Join The Team!
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