Weighted Green Machine - Rigged

Weighted Green Machine - Rigged

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Check out the Canyon Runner's fishing log or anyone's for that matter and you will see that the world famous green machine has been the hottest lure for the most seasons and a top producer for decades. These WEIGHTEDgreen machines are the real deal. No imitations from China here. These are produced at the Sevenstrand factories as they have been for decades. Why would anyone seek to save a few dollars to buy a knock of the best lure every made. We don't and we wouldn't and that is why we only sell authentic Sevenstrand green machines.

These green machines can be trolled for any position in your pattern during any type of sea condition. They work great behind a bird deep down the middle and just as great on the short flat line. Don't leave the dock without them.

We rig our green machines with Mustand 7691S Stainless 9/0 hooks with 10 feet of 200 pound test Momoi Hi-Catch. All our rigged lures come with a FREE lure bag.

With each rigged lure you'll recieve one lure bag FREE

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