Southern Region Pro-Staff - South Jersey Though Outer Banks

Capt. Mark Hoos on the "Marli" out of Ocean City, MD 

Capt. Mark Hoos needs no introduction - a perennial tournament winning boat and crew and one that runs close to, if not, the most charters every year out of Ocean City, Maryland. 

Between "Marli" and "Restless Lady I & II" we have hundreds of fishing days covered for Members from South Jersey to Virginia Beach. We are just thrilled to be partnering with Capt. Mark & the "Marli" in the Coaching Service. 

We will have a tracking device on the "Marli" so all Members can log in and see where they are fishing on a daily basis. Capt. Mark will be providing daily reports and intel for the Membership, joining us a Zoom Seminars, adding content to our Private Facebook page and assisting in anyway possible making sure our Members are always in the know.  

Capt. Sean Welsh - "Restless Lady" Fleet - Ocean City, MD

Capt. Sean is a staple of the OCMD fleet - some would say it's Mayor!  With multiple boats running out of OCMD for years his fleet has been on the bite as long as many fisherman could first hold a pole.  Another perennial winning tournament team the two "Restless Lady" boats combined fish over 200 days a year.

Capt. Chris Huk - "Restless Lady II" - Ocean City, MD (Summer) - Marathon, FL (Winter)

Capt. Chris owns and runs the Restless Lady II and is a speaker at various Canyon Runner Seminars.  Summers in OCMD and winters in the Keys - Capt. Chris spends 200-250 days on the water.


Capt. Greg Meyer "Fishin Frenzy" - Oregon Inlet, NC

Capt. Greg needs no introduction - I'm sure you all know him from his adventures on Wicked Tuna - but we've been working with Greg for years prior beginning with our build of our Ritchie Howell back in 2008/9. And are just thrilled to be partnering with him now in the Coaching Service.

We will have a tracking device on the "Fishin' Frenzy" so all Members can log in and see where they are fishing on a daily basis. And Capt. Greg will be provided daily reports and intel for the Membership. This is our Second boat our of Oregon Inlet.

Capt. Pete Doran - "Capt. B.C." Oregon Inlet, NC

Capt. Pete Doran has been on the Team since last season and now running the "Capt. B.C."  Capt. Pete fishing on the Canyon Runner for a few years.  Owned and operated his own charter boat out of Ocean City, MD and now runs one of the top boats out of Oregon Inlet, NC.

Between the "Restless Lady" Fleet and the "Marli" - and with 2 boats out of Oregon Inlet we've got the southern boys covered. With those 5 boats - arguable among the top 5 boats in that region - on our Team - the intel, support and assistance that comes in from that region will be second to none!

Capt. Peter Doran - "Capt. B.C." - Oregon Inlet, NC

Captain Peter Doran has been fishing offshore since he was 10 years old. Through his high school and college years he worked as a mate on several private boats but really decided to make sportfishing his career when he took a job at Canyon Runner.

Fresh out of college he fished from Massachusetts to Miami and everywhere in-between on a Canyon Runner boat. He went on to purchase his own boat, help run the family business, and start a family. For the past 5 years Pete has stepped back down in the cockpit as a mate at the legendary Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Throughout Peters career he has continued to be a Canyon Runner team member and now shares his knowledge at our seminars. He has logged thousands of offshore trips and has a love for teaching others from his experience

The "CAPT BC" has made her return home and will be captained by Buddy Callaway. Captain Buddy is no stranger to the ocean. From sportfishing with his grandad Captain Buddy Cannady to commercial fishing with his dad “Bilbo”, Buddy has spent the majority of his life on the deck or at the helm. He holds a 100 ton U.S Coast Guard Master’s License and is CPR certified. Whether you’re looking to fill the box with meat or put up a fight against a trophy fish, the CAPT BC will get you there!




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