Northern & New England Pro-Staff

Capt. Mark DeCabia - Shinnecock & Montauk, NY (Spring, Summer Fall) - Stuart, FL (Winter)

Captain Mark has been fishing for over 30 years. His ongoing passion on the water eventually led him - after a 7 year stint running the Canyon Runner fleet - to a full-time career as a commercial fisherman and private boat captain.

Spending about 270 days a year offshore on average for the last 15 years , Mark has earned a reputation as one of the more proficient high liners in the northeast. Mark was recently featured in "In The Bite" magazine as one of the "Top Young Guns Of Sportfishing in 2018." He is also one of the top pro staff team members for Penn Tackle, Simrad, Momoi, Costa Del Mar, and Deep Ocean Apparel. 

Mark is no stranger to the tournament winner’s circle. He has secured several tournament wins, including some of the biggest sportfishing events on the east coast, including the Mid Atlantic 500, Tristate Tournament and White Marlin Open, Montauk Canyon Challenge to name a few........ 

Capt. Jon Levitt - "Gotta Go"

"Student Becomes the Teacher" with Jon and the "Gotta Go" crew.  A good crew when they signed up to the CR Membership as a customer several years ago - well now they are one of the best out of Montauk and fish 40-50 tuna trips a year from Montauk as far east as Hydrographers Canyon and a full winter in Oregon Inlet.  Capt. Jon and his crew litterally did everything that was asked of them as a Member and in a few years became one of the top boats on the offshore grounds.  In fact, they fish so much we've put at tracking device on the "Gotta Go" as they fish as much as any top charter boat.

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