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Canyon Runner Coaching “APP”

The Canyon Runner Coaching Member’s web-based “App” allows you to browse, on any device, in one place, all the information we provide as part of our Coaching Service - from your phone, computer or iPad.

This includes Hour Long Seminars, 5-10 Minute How-To Videos, Free Water Temp Charts thru, Daily Email Updates, GPLink Tracking System, Private Facebook Member’s Forum with Member’s Fishing Reports and Pics.

On Your Phone..............


Or On Your Ipad or Computer..............

Track All Our Vessels In Real Time - And Get Historical Data

"Marli" - "Fishin' Frenzy" - "Restless Lady II" - "Canyon Runner" - Wolfpack" - "Andrea's Toy" & "Gotta Go"

This is just a summary of the location pings (with GPS, Speed, & Heading) in just one month for one of our Pro-Staff Boats.  Each dot is GPS Location, Speed and Heading - and it updates every 5-15 minutes all day long.

Access to 100s of Hours of Seminars..........

Access to Dozens of How-To Videos...........

Link to Our Private Facebook Page...........

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