Coaching Videos

Canyon Runner Coaching Videos

Our Pro-Staff has complied 100 hours of Seminar Videos on virtually every topic you can image that covers all aspects of Offshore fishing. 

Hundreds of Topics to Choose From - Here are just a Few

1) Top Water Tuna - Mid-shore/Inshore - Plugging, Popping and Stick Baits Casting for Tuna
2) Offshore & Mid-Shore Recon - The Art of Finding Tuna - How & WHEN to Find and Catch Your Quarry Without Fishing the Crowd
3) Advanced Big-Eye Tactics - Specialized Big-Eye Tuna Trolling Techniques
4) Offshore Trolling & Chunking from a Center Console
5) Mid-shore & Inshore Trolling, Chunking & Jigging from a Center Console
6) Offshore Game Plan - Trolling & Chunking
7) Mid-shore Game Plan - Trolling, Chunking & Jigging
8) Inshore Tuna - When, Where, Why & How
9) Water Temp Analysis - Core Class for First Time Attendees
10) How to Have a Successful Canyon Trip Without Targeting Bigeyes (Focus on Yellowfins, Longfins, Mahis, Swords - How to Adapt to What & WHEN the Ocean Gives)
11) Advanced Water Temp Analysis - Debrief on the Year
12) Using Your Electronics to Find Fish - Matt Feeney Wintron Electronics
13) Why 10 % Catch 90% of the Fish - Top Ten Reasons Same Crews Regularly Out-fish the Fleet
14) Rigging Baits for Chunking Tuna - Hands On Training
15) Hi-Tech Rigging Baits for Big Fish - Hands On Training
16) Tuna Trolling 101 - What You Must Know to Excel
17) Southern Techniques for Tuna 
18) Advance Live Bait Tactics
19) Day-Time Sword Fishing the Canyons
20)Night-Time Sword Fishing the Canyons
21) NMFS - Ask Any Question You May Have - Learn Why The Rules are What They Are
22) Chunking 101 - Rig Up like a Professional Crew
23) Tuna Jigging 101 - Learn from The Best The Are at This Art
24) Winning Marlin Tactics
25) Small Boat Dredge Fishing on the Mid-shore Grounds
26) Engine Preventative Maintenance & Repairs at Sea
27) Tilefishing the Canyons
28) Learn How to Service and Maintain Your Reels
29) Rod Building, Repair and Maintenance
30) Learn How to Truly Run the Pit like the Professional Mate
31) Latest Tracking Northeast Yellowfin & Big-Eye Tuna
32) Gulf Stream Marlin & Yellowfin Trolling
33) Mahi & Tilefishing


Canyon Runner Coaching Videos

Our Pro-Staff has complied dozens of 5-10 Minute How-To Videos covering various rigging techniques deployed offshore - from rigging ballyhoo to stick baits for mackeral and sword baits - it's all there for you.........


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