2022 Tournament Membership Wins

In 2020 our CR Coaching & Intel Team Members Won $2,000,000 and Placed in 8 Tournaments - In 2021 we blew away the total wins number with over 20 Different Tournament wins! 

And in 2022 - We blew away both Numbers!!! 

Our Members & CR Team Captains Placed in Virtual Every Single Major Tuna Tournament from OCMD to Block Island - Had Well Over 20 wins and won more than $2,500,000!!! 

Better Yet - Since Most Members Don't Actually Fish Tournaments - Our Focus on the Bite from Inshore & Mid-shore & Canyon 24/7/365 - Saw Our Hundreds of Members Save Well over $1 Million in Fuel as They Went Right to Where The Fish Were & More Importantly - Didn't Go Where They Weren't - As They Were Always Dialed Into ALL the Realtime Intel...........

Read Below for All the Details on the Wins & If You Don't Know Yet - Read Exactly What the Membership Can Deliver to You and Your Crew in 2023............


Hamptons Offshore Invitational

1st place yellow 180lbs & 3rd place bigeye 205!! 

Owner Kevin Norden of the "Gunite" with virtual CR Pro-Staff in the Pit in Bryan Masen, along with Evan and Pete McClinchy had a killer tournament with a monster yellowfin and a nice big-eye. 

 Mid-Atlantic Tournament


Captain Deane Lambros fishing with close friends and past crew of the CR was on "The Right Place" and in the right place in the Mid-Atlantic and had the top tuna money in the tournament - Congrats to Capt. Evan, owner Bob and mate Canyon (yes his given name is "Canyon")!


Mike Pintozzi and his crew on the "Random Chaos" won $192,000 with a great tournament that consisted of weighing a blue marlin, tuna and white marlin that all were good for some money.


And we had even bigger winners in the Mid-Atlantic that requested to remain anonymous (some of our Members are professional Captains and other charter boats so they prefer to stay anonymous) but deserve great kuddos too for a job well done!  


In total CR Members and CR Captains combined and teamed up to win OVER $2MILLION in the Mid-Atlantic alone!


Hampton/Shinnecock Offshore Open


Member John Schleeder and his team on the "Coercion" took a 249.5 & 226.5 bigeye for a clean sweep of 1st & 2nd place. Capt. John Schleede wanted to send a big thanks to his crew John Priani (249) Robert Belcher (226) and co-captain Connor Billings.



Montauk Canyon Challenge

To say that the CR Membership showed well at the MCC would be an understatement to say the least as our Team took the far majority of wins - but none bigger than when one of our Coaching Partners - Capt. Mark DeCabia - and the crew of the "Rebel" and owner Mike Tucci took top money honors with a 256 Big-Eye. 

Team "Rebel" and Canyon Runner - want to specifically give a big shout out to a great tournament run by great folks in Capt. Chris Squeri and Rich Lucas. FYI - "Rebel" has done the MCC from day 1 and this is their third win.


"Regis D" Big Win at MCC


The crew of the "Regis D" owner / captain Martin Thurston the Yacovou brothers Nick and Loucas the Mahi slayer, captain Gary Savard of the Tiger Shark Boat, Chuck House, and First mate Joe Grenus - took first place for the three heaviest yellows, first place trifecta, second place 500 albacore Calcutta & third place mahi. Way to go Martin and team "Regis D"!! That's almost a clean sweep!


Several Other Members on the Board at MCC


We had several other Members take multiple spots in the winners circle but didn't want to be mentioned by name - but you know who you are so great job!!


Jimmy Johnson Quest for the Ring Winner!


One of our Members - Ken Hager - Owner of the "Taylor Jean" was happy for us to inform you that for the Jimmy Johnson tournament, the "Taylor Jean", teamed up with their buddies from another boat, the well known and well respected "MJ’s" crew and fished the tournament together on the "Taylor Jean". On Monday they went fishing in the Washington and with an hour left caught a big eye tuna that Brandon Kape fought for over 2 1/2 hours. They were getting nervous that they wouldn’t make it back to scales in time if the fish took another run but at the at the end of the day they landed a 231 big eye that they weighed in at 8 pm on Monday that held for the week. Trying to win the ring they marlin fished the other 2 days. They ended up winning first place tuna division and brought home $170,000. Congrats to a GREAT TEAM!!


CR Capt. Craig Angelini on "Titan Up" - Nice Win!


Capt. Craig Angelini - another one of the CR Coaches and who often fishes on Member's boats almost once a week - ran the "Titan Up" during the Jimmy Johnson and caught a 129lb and 200lb big-eye for most tuna points overall and took 2nd place in the small boat Calcutta. Amazing week Capt. Craig and crew - way to go!!!


"END GAME" run by TJ Miller in the Money at Jimmy Johnson!!!


First place in the Small Boat Calcutta!!

First Place Daily Calcutta Day 5!!!

They worked their butts off for whole week to get right bite and it paid off weighing 208 pound big-eye fought by Chris Vaughan.


Nate Torac and the team on the Wet Rock

With with Jouber Pereira on the rod caught a 70 inch 60.4 lb white marlin to nail 2nd place for white ones - way to go guys - and my bad on the miss of the shout out - way to go!!!!!!!

Between the Montauk Canyon Challenge and the Jimmy Johnson our Members won 8 places total.......... 


South Jersey Offshore Showdown


Team "Jiminy" places 2nd overall, 2nd overall in tuna points, and weighs 1st and 2nd heaviest tuna in the South Jersey Yacht Sales Offshore Showdown. Captain Tim Merighi, mate Joe Stadnicki and CR member Jimmy Conway. Youngest captain on the smallest boat in the tournament getting it done! 2 bites, 2 fish both coming on DTX Minnow. Way to go!!!

Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna 

Playin Hooking Boys (And Girls!) with a Nice Win!!




White Marlin Open - Beach Haven Offshore Open - Tri-State - Stone Harbor Yacht Club Tournaments 
Some of our Members Wish to Remain Anonymous - Which is fine too - As long as they win - and they did!!

We had a couple members get on the board in the White Marlin Open.

We had a member place in the Stone Harbor Yacht Club Tournament

We had a member do very well in the Beach Haven Offshore Open with a top place won.

We had a member do very very well in the Tri-State with a top place won.

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