Melton Cherry Jets - Rigged By the Canyon Runner - Tournament Proven - Green/Yellow

Melton Cherry Jets - Rigged By the Canyon Runner - Tournament Proven - Green/Yellow

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Funny enough - this write up comes right from the Melton website - only difference - our crews rigs all of these Cherry Jets for you - what a better combination than that!!


Still our workhouse and best seller! The original Melton Cherry Jet is the finest scoop jet lure on the market today with a design so unique, it's patented! The Cherry Jet's unique swimming action and side to side movement are hard to beat from any trolling position. Each Melton Cherry Jet is machined from solid brass bar stock to exacting aerospace tolerances and hand polished to a mirror finish. Fish cannot resist the tuned sonic resonance and thick bubble stream. Proven irresistible to every major species pursued by the blue water enthusiast. All Melton Jets are proudly MADE IN THE USA. 

We have long known that Cherry Jets are deadly on all Tuna and Marlin species but recently they have enjoyed unmatched success on bigeye, yellowfin, bluefin and albacore tuna. One famous East Coast Charter operation, "Canyon Runner" wont leave the dock without a full spread of Melton Cherry Jets. The very lure that won them $236,000 in the 2012 White Marlin Open and over $300,000 in the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Tournament and Manasquan River Marlin and Tuna Tournament! All those big-eyes were caught on a medium cherry jet in "Canyon Runner" skirt colors and Purple/Black. If your serious about your offshore fishing you owe to yourself to fish these lures.  

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