9 Rod Pattern Offshore Package

9 Rod Pattern Offshore Package

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So you just dropped a good chunk of change on a beautiful new boat that can finally make the run to the offshore grounds but now you need the tackle to put some blood on the decks and fish in the boxes. Start out easy on the pocket book by purchasing our started kit for a 9 rod - spread when targeting bigger tuna offshore or in the canyons.

The crew of the CANYON RUNNER when starting out a trip with no knowledge of what the fish might bite on always start with the same trolling pattern. With 9 rods that pattern offshore included 3 nine inch spreader bars with 2 nine inch rainbow bars on the riggers and one nine inch speader bar (either green/yellow, zuchini or purple/black) down the middle, 2 six inch rainbow spreader bars off the short riggers, 1 six inch jet, 1 green machine, and 2 ballyhoo.

Instead of you worrying about which colors to start with let us package this up for you and send it out with two FREE spreader bar bags. If you bought this package piece by piece it would cost $500. However, bought as a package you pay only $425 and save $75 dollars.

Again, this package comes with the following:

  • 1 - 9" (Either Purple/Black - Zuchinni - Green/Yellow) Canyon Runner Spreader Bar  - *** If you have a preference on this color let us know*** 
  • 2 - 9" Rainbow Canyon Runner Spreader Bars 
  • 2 - 6" Rainbow Canyon Runner Spreader Bars 
  • 2 - Tuna/Mahi Ballyhoo Rigs (5-Packs) 
  • 1 - 6" Canyon Runner Jet - Un-rigged 
  • 1 - Green Machine - Un-rigged
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